The Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl has once again come and gone, taking with it the famous high-budget Super Bowl commercials. Now I am not much of a football fan, I only tuned in for the last five minutes of the game. I did however; go online to watch all of the associated commercials. I also know I am not the only one. It is interesting that in an age when consumer avoidance and apparent abhorrence of advertizing is so significant; consumers can still view Super Bowl commercials as if they were entertainment. To some like me, the commercials during the game are the draw.

Companies, by creatively pushing ads on consumers and generating hype around the event year after year, have achieved substantial marketing pull. Consumers are actually seeking out the commercials. How often do average consumers normally sit down just to watch advertisements? What is most impressive is that this is traditional advertizing, being done on a mainstream scale. We have all seen clips of consumer created content that has gone “viral”, and reached millions of viewers. But these are standard commercially-produced, wide audience focused advertisements. Not the normal fair for viral epidemics. So even with all the focus and buzz today being about social marketing, the Super Bowl commercial still remains an interesting marketing phenomenon.

Consequently, one of the humorous side-effects of viewing the commercials online is that, while I was watching the Super Bowl commercials I had to sit through commercials. Streaming media advertisements had been inserted into every one of the clips. I naturally got annoyed, as I do with most commercial interruptions. Here I was, trying to watch Super Bowl commercials, and I was being subjected to… a commercial…

Isn’t psychology interesting? The fact that it wasn’t one of the commercials I had intended to watch made it an annoyance and not entertainment. Additionally, and internet advertisers should take note of this, it might not have been so obvious that the inserted ads were of non-Super Bowl nature had they not played the same one every time. Is there anything more annoying than having to watch the same 30 second commercial every time one tries to view, of all things, a 30 second commercial?


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